Since 2017, the day care centre at the Phorms Campus Hamburg has been a so-called Klimafuchs ("climate fox") day care centre. Kindergartens with this status are flying the flag for climate protection. With the KLIMAfuchs project, the S.O.F. Save Our Future - Environmental Foundation supports day care centres for children in saving energy and protecting the environment and shows how they can contribute to climate protection.

    The day-to-day life at the day care centre offers a variety of starting points for integrating topics such as climate protection and responsible use of our resources and making them tangible for children in lively and exciting educational opportunities. Two Phorms educators at the Phorms Campus Hamburg were trained by the initiative as "Climate Foxes" and are now organising various age-appropriate projects on this topic. They act as multipliers for the other 20 teachers and also help in the realisation of certain ideas. 

    "In the joint exchange of ideas and methods, the project offers an opportunity to further develop our educational mission and expand it with the topic of 'climate protection'", says Nicole Häusler, head of the kindergarten at the campus in Hamburg. "You get input from the initiative in the form of ideas and materials and fill them with life yourself," she adds.

    The children recently asked themselves different questions on the subject of "electricity": Why do some devices need more electricity than others? How and where does the electricity from the "electricity factory" get into the day care centre and how does it get into the rooms? 

    As "energy detectives", the children took an energy tour through the day care centre, in search of electricity and everything to do with energy. Inspired by the tour, the room was opened for questions such as: Where does our electricity come from? How and where can we save electricity? But where is it indispensable? And what does "energy" actually mean?

    Going out with the children in search of energy, electrical devices and "power guzzlers" with the help of a current meter creates an awareness of how important electricity is for the functioning of our everyday life. Many devices consume energy even when we are actively using them.