Weltretter | Phorms Hamburg

    Phorms supports the Zeit Leo Weltretter Wettbewerb (Competition "Rescuers of the World")

    Phorms provides first class education from Kita age right up to Abitur and supports ideas and projects that help curious students to use their full potential. Phorms is therefore sponsoring the ZEIT LEO Weltretter Wettbewerb (competition “rescuers of the world”). The main focus of this student competition lies in the subject area MINT – Math, Information Technology, Science and Technology.

    How can we put scientific knowledge learnt at school to use in everyday life? Where can we use math & co. outside the classroom? Ideas such as planting a herb garden on the school roof, extracting fuel from algae, creating self-watering flowerbeds – there is no limit to students’ creativity in this competition.

    There is only one criterion to participate: The environment of the student must have a lasting gain from the ideas and projects produced.

    A celebrity jury will choose the best projects and the main prize is a class trip.

    For further information and registration please go to www.weltretter-wettbewerb.de.