Bronze for Ms Anke in Berlin!

One of our staff members had the honour of being selected to represent and compete for Hamburg (SVCN) at the German National Championships in Karate, which took place in Berlin last weekend. Ms Anke Öztunali, who joined us at the beginning of this year, fought well and secured the bronze medal, placing third in a tightly stacked division of competitors.

Ms Anke moved to Hamburg from Gordon’s Bay (South Africa) at the end of 2020. In South Africa is where her passion for the sport of Karate began and where her talent quickly became apparent. She was chosen to be part of the South African national team in 2008 and stayed in the team until her move abroad. She has multiple national championship titles to her name, as well as international achievements, such as medals at the Commonwealth Games, African Youth Games and Union of African Karate Championship (UFAK).

Aside from competition, Ms Anke also had her own Karate Club in South Africa, which combined two of her greatest passions: teaching and Karate.