Tuition Fees Primary & Secondary


The tuition-fees are income-related. They are based on the sum of the family’s positive income of the year before last.

Tuition FeeMax. €200* 
Lunch & Afternoon SnackMax. €91 (€80 lunch & €11 afternoon snack)

Early morning/ Afternoon Daycare
Core hours 8am-4pm= free of charge

Max. €30
Holiday Care Max. 9 full holiday weeks 1 base week (6 flexible days)Max. €10 per holiday week
Material Costs€5
Friends' Association (voluntary membership)Membership contribution of 0.31% of your family's income

* 5%-clause: admission free of charge without regard of parents' financial circumstances

Calculation example

Tuition fee school 8 am - 4 pm 200€
Daily lunch and afternoon snack 91€
Afternoon care 4 pm - 5 pm 30€
Material costs 5€
4 weeks of holiday care 40€
TOTAL 366€ per month
+ Friends' Association Income-based membership fee


Administrative fee

After the contract has been signed, a one-time administration fee of EUR 250 per child is payable.

Monthly tuition fee

The monthly tuition fee amounts to EUR 200 per child. In case several children of one family attend the school, the oldest child pays the full amount, the second child receives a 25% reduction, the third child 50% and for the fourth child the tuition fee will be reduced by 75%.

For families where the gross annual salary amounts to less than EUR 40,000, upon request we also grant a reduced tuition fee of EUR 50.

The same discounts are valid for the friend’s association.

Parent fees for all-day care

For pupils below the age of 14, we offer comprehensive all-day care from 7.30 a.m. and up until 6 p.m. after school has finished. The fees for day care before 8 a.m. and after 4 p.m. are paid in addition to the monthly tuition fee. The monthly standard rate for one hour of all-day care is EUR 30. If more than one sibling is in fee-based care, then depending on the number of children, we offer a discount of between one third and one fifth of the basic amount. Furthermore, fee reductions are possible for low-income families, please apply for this at the school‘s administration office. These are based on the City of Hamburg’s rates for school-care fees.

Parent fees for holiday care

Phorms schools in Hamburg guarantee day care on a total of nine of the twelve weeks of holiday. Holiday weeks are always booked at the beginning of the school year and calculated at EUR 120 per week, payable in 12 equal monthly instalments of EUR 10. The same fee reductions for siblings and low-income families apply as for all-day care.


All Phorms pupils have school lunches. The lunch is freshly cooked by our caterer in our school and  is calculated at EUR 80 per month.

In addition to lunch we provide daily sugar-free drinks and a healthy snack in the afternoon for an extra fee of EUR 11.

Primary school pupils can receive a sibling discount upon application, incomerelated fee reductions are also possible. Note: all childcare services (all-day care before and after-school, holiday care and lunches) are subject to the provisions for full-day care at school in Hamburg, as specified by the Ministry of Education and Training (BSB).

If you would like to find out more, please go to:

Monthly material costs

Learning materials are provided by the school. For this we charge a monthly fee of EUR 5 per pupil. Additionally, a one-off charge for working materials amounting to EUR 20-80 depending on the grade is payable at the beginning of the school year.

Other costs

Additional costs are incurred during the course of the year for purchase of school clothing, fees for school trips and, if desired, after-school courses subject to charges.

Phorms Schulen e.V. Friends’ Association

Our schools possess excellent facilities with modern equipment (e.g. Smart boards in all classrooms, Mac-Books for all pupils). We offer small class sizes, targeted individual support programmes to enable learning support for a great range of abilities and ensure that no classes are cancelled due to teachers’ illness. Furthermore, we offer excellent care by highly-qualified staff.

For all of this to happen, the school relies on financial support from parents through the Friends’ Association. We ask all parents to voluntarily join the Friends’ Association. The fee is determined by the gross income of the family and amounts to 0.31% of your family’s income the year before last in the 2022/23 school year. This fee is recalculated on a yearly basis according to the respective income, which means fluctuations in income are also taken into account. In addition, a one-time admission fee of 1% of the income the year before last is due (minus EUR 250 administration fee for the school).

If more than one child is using one of our facilities, then a sibling discount is put into effect that rises with the number of children registered. Please discuss this with us in person.

Method of Payment

Fees for schooling, lunch & snack, material costs, early morning, afterschool care and holiday care are payable in twelve monthly instalments.

All fees due will be debited directly from a bank account. Payments are due in advance and will be debited on the first workday of the month. The bill will be sent out by e-mail.

Tax deductibility

Parent fees for primary schools and secondary schools are tax-deductible as special expenses to 30% on the income-tax return. These exclude fees for the child’s accommodation, care and catering. A maximum permissible annual amount of EUR 5,000 for tax purposes has been in effect since 2008. This means a maximum of EUR 5,000 (30% of 16,667) is tax deductible as tuition fees per child (section 10, paragraph 1, item 9 of the German Income Tax Act, EStG).

The cost of childcare (Hort) is seen as a care expense and up to two-thirds of the amount (not exceeding EUR 4000 per child) can be claimed as an extraordinary expense on the income tax return (§ 10 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 EStG Sonderausgaben – in the German tax law). Exempt are costs for lessons, instruction in certain skills, as well as sporting and other free-time activities. The requirement is that the child lives in the same household as the tax payer and has not reached the age of 15. 

Voluntary contributions to the Friends’ Association are also tax deductible within the context of the provision for tuition fees.

Phorms does not guarantee this information’s accuracy. Please speak to your tax advisor for any additional questions in this regard.