Clifton College | Phorms Hamburg

    Clifton College Bristol

    Since the 2016/17 school year, the Phorms Campus Hamburg has been cooperating in a regular student exchange with Clifton College in Bristol, England. The historic buildings of the long established, traditional school are located in the middle of the beautiful landscape on the outskirts of Bristol. Students from all over the world experience English school life there amid the exceptional atmosphere where they are offered diverse opportunities to get to know the country, the people, and the language.

    Students who visit the idyllic Clifton College experience a very inspiring geographical contrast to what they know from school life here in the middle of Hamburg – a city of millions. School life itself, however, seems familiar as both schools share the same educational philosophy and values. Staff at both schools have the same understanding of how we can work and live with each other in our schools, which is why we became cooperation partners.

    Students from different year groups at Phorms regularly visit Bristol. Clifton College has a boarding school which makes the accommodation of our students safe and easy to organize. Being in a boarding house is also a very special experience for our students. Students from Year 4 and higher can go to Bristol on exchange and the time and duration of their stay is planned on an individual basis.

    Students who are interested in visiting Clifton College are more than welcome to contact Mr Trevor Ferdy at the Phorms Campus Hamburg for more information.