Distance Learning

Education? At Phorms it's a guarantee.

At Phorms, the media profile of our students is sharpened as a matter of course by exposing them to various digital devices, new media and digital educational methods at an early age. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards in most cases, where the children already have their first digital contact in reception (preschool). Laptops and tablets are used regularly in the classroom. Our students learn to use their digital tools to write texts, research, do math, and create presentations.

Distance Learning in Secondary School

More than 70 parents of our Secondary School took part in our survey on distance learning in 2021. The work of the teachers and organizers of distance learning is especially valued. The appreciation of the parents could be seen in many comments, just as it is of course a great challenge for you as parents to reconcile distance learning and home office. The following is an excerpt of the results.The percentages refer to statements that (fully) apply to the participating parents.

Appreciation of our parents of our Secondary School

"Phorms Hamburg hat den Digitalunterricht für die Kinder sehr gut organisiert. Ich finde, dass es im Distanzunterricht sogar noch besser läuft als im Präsenzunterricht, da die Kinder viel selbständiger arbeiten können und es mehr Aufgaben gibt. So können sie auch besser lernen. Diesen weiteren Lockdown hat Phorms mit Bravour gemeistert. Mein Lob an alle Lehrer/innen und Mitwirkende!"

"The online learning is good organized and have very well done calls that I really appreciate. I don’t need to be any longer involved in school topic. This was not the case in Spring. Well done Phorms Team. Thank you!"

Distance Learning in Primary School

More than 190 parents of our Primary School took part in our survey on distance learning in 2021. Many parents are pleased with how the classes are organized, that their children can continue learning, and about the additional offerings in distance learning, whether for children or parents. The following is an excerpt of the results. The percentage refers to the participating parents strongly or rather agreeing to the given statements.

Jenny Simmonds, Teacher Primary School

"We have been doing a variety of tasks with the children. From audio-visual clips to worksheets to practical tasks. […] But we are moving on with the Hamburg curriculum. We will be covering the same things that we would have been covering in the classroom just in a different way."

Appreciation of our parents of our Primary School

"Thank you so much for the well-organised home education. Not only the main subjects are learned, but the kids have the possibility to learn more even in music, arts, theater and sports. I’m really impressed. The kids also have the chance to see each other every day, which is really good. I think, we are in such good hands, that we don’t need to risk too much and hurry up with going back to the old normal education too hasty. Our kids aren’t missing too many things like maybe in many other schools. Thank you for that!"

"Der Tag der Kinder ist klasse strukturiert! Danke. Es ist nur für uns Eltern manchmal schwierig  diese Struktur mit unserem Homeoffice unter einen Hut zu bringen. Aber es ist klasse mit welchem Verständnis die Lehrerschaft das beantwortet. Herzlichen Dank an die ganze Phorms-Familie."

"As a former online trainer for adults I know there are many limitations to distance learning. I feel the teachers for grade 1 have really done an excellent job of keeping the children up to task and as engaged as possible. As a first grader who is unable to read independently my daughter still needs help logging on and completing assignments in much the same way she would require assistance if she were at school. Learning is not the responsibility of the teacher, the child or the parents alone but the community we create together. If anything I would suggest more ways to reinforce each other during these difficult times with more platforms for learning and sharing together."