“Our 10 year anniversary gives reason to celebrate. It is an occasion to thank everyone who contributed to the school’s development.”


Dear students, parents, and colleagues,

A very special school year is coming to an end.

10 years after its foundation and its early days in container classrooms in 2008, Phorms has been located on Wendenstraße since 2012.

Starting with only 30 students, we will exceed 500 children in the 2018/19 school year following 10 years’ successful development.

This jump in figures alone is impressive proof of what we have accomplished over the past decade. Our 10 year anniversary gives reason to celebrate. We will mark this anniversary in a special event with parents, colleagues and special guests. It is an occasion to thank everyone who contributed to the school’s development. We would like to thank all parents who believed in our concept and who have shown their trust and support of our work by enrolling their children. We also thank our colleagues who have taken care of your children, pedagogically and administratively, in the Kita as well as the primary and secondary schools over the past decade. Our Friends’ Association, under the chairmanship of Dr. K. A. Nagel, deserves a special mention. Without the Association’s economic engagement the development of the Phorms Campus Hamburg would not have been possible in the same successful way.

Dr. Karl-Heinz Korsten & Sylvia Lehnhof 

Former Head of School & Former Administrative Director

Phorms Hamburg from 2008 to 2018

  • Schulgebäude Schwenckestraße

  • Klassenraum Schwenckestraße

  • Schulhof Schwenckestraße

  • Schulhof Schwenckestraße

  • Bewegungsraum Schwenckestraße

  • 2009 Umzug in Container in der Stresemannallee

  • 2009 Vorschule, Grundschule und Gymnasium in der Stresemannallee

  • Klassenraum in der Stresemannallee

  • 2012 Umzug ins aktuelle Schulgebäude in der Wendenstraße in Hammerbrook

  • Schulhof in der Wendenstraße

  • Ballspielfeld

  • Empfangsbereich / Schulbüro

  • Assembly in der Aula

  • 2012 Einschulung der Erstklässler