Welcome to our bilingual Phorms Campus Hamburg | Phorms Hamburg

    Our campus consists of a day care centre, primary school and state-approved secondary school. We offer a continuously bilingual education and schooling for children and teenagers from the age of 18 months until their final examinations.

    Our campus was established in 2008–09 and continues to grow significantly each year. We currently provide care and lessons to over 500 students of different ages in a total of 26 groups and classes.

    Our state-approved secondary school was established in 2011 and has grown steadily ever since. The oldest students are now attending year 11 (upper school).

    In the school year 2019/2020, our secondary school will gain another year, up to the Abitur examination in year 12. Students can then obtain the state-recognised general qualification for university entrance at Phorms.

    Bilingual and international

    Continuous learning in two languages, English and German – that is the basic principle of bilingualism on our campus until the end of lower secondary school (10th grade). Both English and German are used in and out of lessons as equal languages at an age-appropriate level. In year 11 and 12 we focus on the requirements for the Abitur examination, so that the level of teaching in German is slightly increased.

    Situated in the heart of Hamburg, our campus provides a familiar and personal atmosphere. The Hanseatic city’s international character can truly be felt on our campus. The parents of our students, much like our staff, represent a wide range of different backgrounds. A global outlook and cultural openness characterise our campus. Our day-care centre and schools thus reflect the great diversity of the Hamburg metropolitan region.

    Peter Kubasch
    Head of School