Welcome To Our Bilingual Phorms Campus Hamburg

Our independently-operated school, with its day care centre, primary school and nationally-recognised secondary school, offers a bilingual education and training programme for children and young people from 12 months to the Abitur.

Our campus was founded in 2008/09 and grows noticeably every year. We currently care for and educate about 660 children of various age groups in a total of 28 groups and classes.
The nationally-recognised bilingual secondary school Phorms Hamburg was founded in 2011 and has been growing every year since then. Students can also earn the nationally-recognised "Certificate of General Aptitude for Higher Education" with us.

Bilingual And International

Continuous bilingual learning in German and English is our basic principle. English and German are used as equal languages within, and outside of, the classroom in an age-appropriate manner. In the 11th and 12th grades, we focus more on the requirements for the school leaving examinations, so German is given a somewhat higher priority here.
Our school is appreciated for its familiar and personal atmosphere. At the same time, we are characterised by internationality and openness. We are a certified “School without racism. School with courage.” Situated in the centre of Hamburg, the multifaceted nature of the Hanseatic city is within our reach. We would be pleased to welcome you as part of this mosaic.