3DVR Tour

Not only are our classes digital - we now also have a virtual 3D school tour of our buildings.

Discover our campuses up close: Explore the school on your own and look forward to an exciting tour.

What is a 3DVR tour?

We have had all the main rooms of our school buildings recorded by a 3D scan, supplemented by 360 degree photos of the exterior. The outcome is a unique experience.

Interesting multimedia content in the form of videos complement the look-and-feel that you may already know from "Streetview".

Registration 3DVR Tour

Please note the following conditions: For security reasons, you must identify yourself. Passing on the link of the 3D tour to third parties is not permitted. Also prohibited are any recording, recording, screenshots or the like from the video conference during a guided virtual 3D tour or during the stand-alone 3D tour.

Data protection statement

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