Cooperations and Networks

School is a place of learning and living - but that also means opening the school to the outside world in the region. Here we present our cooperations, networks and joint extracurricular projects.

forbizz School 2023/24

The Phorms Campus Hamburg has been recognised as fobizz School 2023/24. 

fobizz is the leading German-speaking platform for further training and a provider of digital tools and AI for teachers and schools.

fobizz is aimed at teachers from all subject areas who

  • are looking for inspiration and practice-orientated content for their lessons,
  • want to make their lessons more interactive using digital tools,
  • want to benefit from the support of an AI assistant and
  • want to learn more about current topics in media, IT and digitalisation.


Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (Federal Association of SMEs)

The Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft – Unternehmerverband Deutschlands e. V. (BVMW) is a leading association of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Berlin. The BVMW is politicaly independent and represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in Germany across all professions.

We are actively committed to supporting SMEs and sustainably enriching the educational landscape. The shortage of skilled workers is one of the key challenges facing SMEs. We understand that the quality of our educational institutions can make a decisive contribution to counteracting this shortage. As a member of the Bundesverband Mittelständischer Wirtschaft, we strive not only to stand for high-quality education, but also to actively participate in finding solutions to the skills shortage.

Together, we strive for innovation and excellence in order to make a positive contribution to the development and promotion of educational opportunities. We look forward to working together in the network of the Bundesverband Mittelständischer Wirtschaft and to shaping the future of education together. ► (in German)

The PARITÄTISCHE Welfare Association Hamburg

The PARITÄTISCHE Wohlfahrtsverband Hamburg is one of the six recognised organisations of independent welfare work. The association has no religious, ideological or party-political affiliation. More than 400 independent member organisations with well over 1,000 social services and facilities are affiliated to it in Hamburg. It represents and promotes its member organisations in their professional objectives and their legal, social, organisational and economic concerns. Its members in Hamburg include large supra-regional associations, but also the small local self-help organisation, the debt counselling service, the outpatient care service, the intercultural centre and the integrative nursery around the corner. ►

"DigitalPakt Schule" (Digital Pact for Schools)

With the DigitalPakt Schule (Digital Pact for Schools), the Federal Government supports the states and municipalities in investing in the digital education infrastructure. The objectives of the Digital Pact are the nationwide development of a modern digital education infrastructure under the primacy of pedagogy. According to the administrative agreement of 17 May 2019, the Federal Government will provide 5 billion euros for investments in the digital education infrastructure within the scope of its constitutional possibilities, 3.5 billion of which in this legislative period. We are also participating in the DigitalPakt Schule and have been able to realise valuable projects for the Phorms in Hamburg through the funding. A total of €135,000 has already been invested in the digital infrastructure. Further investments will follow. ► (in German)

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Investment programme to accelerate the infrastructure expansion of all-day care for primary school students at independent schools. ► (in German)

School without racism - school with courage

The network "School without Racism - School with Courage" links schools in their commitment to human dignity. At around 3,600 schools without racism - schools with courage, students are active against discrimination. Our location is also part of this network. ► (in German)

Climate Week Education Programme

The students of Phorms Hamburg participated in the "Climate Week Education Programme" in September 2021. In addition, students from different classes regularly take part in workshops. We are already looking forward to the 14th Hamburg Climate Week. The Climate Week is an independent initiative from the middle of society and forms a platform with many actors from science, business and society to engage in relevant environmental and climate protection issues. The aim of the Hamburg Climate Week is to move from extensive knowledge about global climate change and its threats to concrete action - by each individual and in the city as a whole. Hamburg Climate Week networks and creates a platform that connects. Spread across the city, there are events of various kinds on the topic of climate, environmental protection and social issues at numerous locations. Patron 2021: Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen ► (in German)

Dr. Heinrich Netheler Foundation

The Dr Heinrich Netheler Foundation and the Phorms Campus Hamburg run joint projects for schoolchildren specifically in the field of bionics. "Bionics - Nature shows the way!" is a two-part experimental course with 16 teaching units of 90 minutes each. Further units are in preparation. The school course was developed on the basis of the Bionics Kit, which was sponsored and awarded by the Dr. Heinrich Netheler Foundation. The use of materials was adapted to the age group and supplemented with biological and everyday materials. Other topics complement the offer. ► (in German)

BürgerStiftung Hamburg

The goal is to strengthen the community and cohesion in our city. Founded in 1999 by Hamburg citizens as a politically and economically independent community foundation for their city, the BürgerStiftung Hamburg lives from the idea of civic engagement and the active participation of as many citizens as possible. Together with the BürgerStiftung, the students of the Phorms Campus Hamburg were able to carry out a "Vertical Garden Project". The "Vertical Garden Project" was funded by the Youth Environment Council of the BürgerStiftung Hamburg. The aim is to involve young people and young adults more in the foundation's work in order to increase the diversity of volunteers. Young commitment should not be promoted exclusively financially. The foundation should be a place of engagement for young volunteers. The Youth Environment Council offers young people a body in which they can participate as creators, decision-makers and experts in their own right. ► (in German)

Oregon International School

Oregon International School and Phorms Hamburg have a close cooperation for a student exchange program. Oregon International School is hosted by Baker High School, a fully-accredited comprehensive high school that offers a rich catalog of engaging courses and extracurricular opportunities for all students. Baker High School is recognized on both the state and national level for excellence in several academic and extracurricular programs. ►