Pedagogues | Phorms Hamburg

    The work we do is founded on a team of qualified, motivated and experienced staff. At present, we employ 65 teachers in the various campus departments.

    They are native speakers of German and English and have a wide range of educational backgrounds and experience, especially with regard to bilingual teaching. Teachers and other educational staff work together in interdisciplinary teams as required.

    The school administration team takes care of everyday life at school and manages the school office as well as general facilities and IT.

    All departments receive the support of three BUFDIS – people completing a year of national volunteer service on campus and thereby gaining some initial work experience in education. Many of our projects would not be possible without their dedication and passionate commitment.

    At the beginning of their placement, all new employees receive training in order to understand every aspect of the Phorms concept and to maintain the high standard of education we provide. Our team also regularly participates in internal and external professional development courses.