The Förderverein der Phorms Schulen Hamburg e.V. was founded in 2008 as a recognised non-profit association. The association helps the school in various projects and thus assumes joint responsibility for the education of all students.

The Förderverein der Phorms Schulen Hamburg e.V. has been one of the most important supporters of Phorms Hamburg since its foundation. Volunteers from the parent body, the teaching staff and people who feel connected to the school support the association through their active membership. Through events, activities, membership fees and donations, funds are raised to support the school and thus all the children.

The funds are used in a variety of ways to support our school in its work. The goals of the Förderverein are:

How can I support?

Become a member: Become a member and support us with your donation to be able to continue to realise the three goals. You are invited to our general meetings and other activities. The amount will be collected directly each month.
Donations: Would you like to support us and the school directly with a donation? We are happy to receive all amounts. With the donation pledge we can easily allocate the amount.