Class Day field trip to Stückgut and Park

    07.06.2018 | Campus Hamburg

    On Thursday, April 19, 2018 Class 1b spent the day learning about the environment and continuing to develop our understanding of our school project “Umwelt” (the environment).

    We started our field trip by taking the S Bahn to Altona station. While half of our class visited the business owner spoke to our class about plastic and aluminum packaging and how it is harming the environment. We took out own empty containers and we filled them with healthy and delicious snacks and talked about alternatives to packaging.

    The other half of the class walked around a Rewe supermarket and looked at the packaging and talked about all of the waste that products create. We were lucky to be there while the shelves were being stocked and we saw lots of examples of extra packaging and waste. We talked about the impact of all of the packaging on our environment.

    After visiting both shops we took our purchased snacks to the park at Museum Straße and attempted to have a picnic without making any waste. Our project is continuing as we are trying to solve the problem of the waste created by our packaged school lunches. We are now working in teams trying to find alternatives to the packaging of our lunches. We are calling it “The Sandwich Project”.

    Our trip ended on a happy note as we enjoyed ice cream cones together. The class decided that eating ice cream is good for the environment because we could eat the cones!

    Happy Earthday!

    Mrs Wüst and Ms Bohner