Collaboration with parents | Phorms Hamburg

    Transparency and the reciprocal exchange of information is important for the beneficial educational partnership between parents and the Kita.

    The first agreement with you begins before your child is enrolled. This first chance to get acquainted forms the cornerstone for future collaboration. Your support is essential for your child to have a successful time in day care and it’s the goal of our work with parents to have a positive and mutually-respectful relationship.

    We see ourselves as being in a partnership with you, as well as being a service provider for families. Parents are the first and most important educators for their children. We want you to be able to follow and support the development of your child.

    Examples of what you can see on our info board is information regarding: upcoming events, the activities of the day and/or special menu plans. We offer regular parent evenings as well as development discussions for each individual child. A newsletter informs parents about the latest developments in the preschool.