Cooperation with parents | Phorms Hamburg

    Transparency and reciprocal exchange of information are important factors for a fruitful partnership between the day care centre and parents.

    Their mutual understanding begins before the child is even admitted. This first stage of getting to know each other is the foundation for their future relationship.

    We regard cooperation with parents as a very high priority. Your support is indispensable for your child’s successful participation in day care. The aim of our parent-teacher programme is to create positive relationships based on mutual respect.

    As well as providing a service for families, we consider ourselves to be working in partnership with you. Parents are the first and most important educators of their children. For this reason, we would like to work together with you. We hope that you will follow and support your children’s development, and to this end we will regularly provide you with opportunities to observe our work. 

    On our information boards, we post information about upcoming events, daily activities and menu plans. We organise regular parent-teacher nights as well as individual meetings to discuss each child’s development. Our newsletter informs you of what’s new in the pre-school world. Parents are invited to participate in specific activities such as excursions or reading support groups, and are naturally invited to take part in our school festivals.