Curriculum | Phorms Hamburg

    Our curriculum follows the revised British plan, the “Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum”, as well as the German education programmes for the respective federal states.

    In Hamburg, we follow the guidelines for educating and nurturing children in day care facilities. The aim of our curriculum is that children come to understand themselves as well as their relationship to others and to the environment. According to our plan, child development is divided into six separate areas:

    Personal and social development:  Children learn to respect their own needs and those of others, to develop their personalities and to foster feelings of security, trust and consideration when communicating with others.

    Communication and speech development:  We help children to understand and speak English and German and support them as they gather their first experience in reading and writing both languages.

    Mathematical development:  Children are provided with practical applications as an introduction to mathematical concepts before they start doing actual arithmetic.

    Creative development:  We offer the children a variety of materials and options that allow them to develop their creativity, in fields such as art, music, dance or poetry.

    Physical development:  Age-appropriate physical development is necessary for good health and moreover, it forms the basis for cognitive development. We encourage the development of children’s fine and gross motor skills, further their abilities for using tools and promote awareness for a healthy lifestyle.