Preschool | Phorms Hamburg

    We want children to develop self-confidence and motivation for their future school career.

    That’s why we offer preschool (Reception) classes in the year before children start primary school.

    At the end of their time at our Kita, many of our Kita children stay on to attend the Reception classes. With this in mind, we prepare the children on a double-track for the changeover to primary school. The general preparation includes discussion circles and small projects about becoming Reception students, as well as the concepts independence and self-confidence. It is important for us that in all activities the children learn to develop responsibility in order for their self-confidence to be affirmed and for them to gain a feeling of security.

    In Reception, children can begin to get used to the school day. The preschool rooms are equipped similarly to those of the primary school. The daily routine places an emphasis on play, while at the same time the children learn to increase their concentration and to prepare themselves for school days.