Mealtimes | Phorms Hamburg

    Healthy nutrition is important to us.

    Our meals are balanced and nutritious and are delivered to us by the Caterer “Bio für Kids”. The kitchen is completely bio certified, moreover, the ingredients come, if possible, from regional cultivation. When planning meals, we follow the quality standards established by the DGE for children in day care centres. For our open breakfast, we offer cheese, bread, muesli, fruit and vegetables. We also provide snacks for the drink stations, which usually consist of fruit and vegetables. For lunch, we provide a warm meal; in the afternoon, we have “treat time”.

    We ask that pre-schoolers bring their own morning and afternoon snacks from home, and recommend fresh fruit, vegetables, yoghurt or other healthy snacks.

    We regularly cook and bake together with the children. Once a year, we hold a project based on the theme “health”. Our breakfasts are open, which means that your child has the option of coming to our restaurant for children between 7:00 am and 9:00 am to eat breakfast alone or with a friend. The buffet will be made up of plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, muesli, bread, milk, yoghurt and other tasty treats. The midday lunch for infants and three to five year old children will be served in the restaurant for children; pre-schoolers eat together with school children in the school cafeteria.