Mealtimes | Phorms Hamburg

    Good nutrition is important to us.

    Our meals are balanced, comprised of wholefoods, are certified organic and are prepared fresh daily in the school kitchen by the trained chefs of our caterer “Bio für Kids”. Special dietary considerations can be discussed as needed with the cooks at school. The quality standards of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) which apply to meals provided to children in day care facilities are foundational to the planning of our meals. We offer cheese, bread, muesli, fruit and vegetables for our open breakfasts. At the drink stations we offer a small snack which is generally fruit and vegetables. The midday meal is warm and there is also snack time in the afternoon.

    The preschool students bring their own fresh fruit, vegetables, yoghurt or other healthy snacks from home for the morning and afternoon snacks.

    We have an open breakfast which means that between 7am and 9am your child has the chance to eat breakfast in our children’s restaurant with their friends or by themselves. The buffet is made up of fruit, vegetables, muesli, bread, milk, yoghurt, and other delicious things. Lunch is served, according to the group, either in the Kita restaurant or in the school’s lunch room. Preschool students generally eat together in the school’s lunch room.