Bilingual Nursery „PHORMiniS“ Hamburg | Phorms Hamburg

    Welcome to the German-English Nursery of the Phorms Campus Hamburg.

    Our Campus: Three organisations under one rooof

    Our bilingual Phorms Campus Hamburg comprises a day care centre with preschool, a primary school and a secondary school. We accompany our children through their educational development from early childhood to senior secondary school.

    From the beginning we educate children in both German and English; each language has equal value and the children are taught using the immersion method by educators who are native speakers.

    The Phorms Kita: from crèche to preschool 

    Following its expansion in summer 2017, our day care centre now offers room for 80-85 crèche and elementary children, as well as 60 preschool-aged children. In mixed-age groups, the crèche children (1.5 – 3 years) and the elementary level children (3 – 5 years) are introduced to using two languages by taking a playful approach. In the preschool groups (5 – 6 years) children are prepared in homogeneous age-groups to begin primary school.

    From the beginning, childern are part of the Phorms family and are cared for in a personal and familial environment. Learning two languages in an immersive, bilingual environment is a key component of our concept which is itself based on the Hamburg curriculum recommendations for day care centres.

    Communication with parents also plays an important role: information is offered regularly and frequent development discussions along with parent evenings enable an active exchange between home and school.

    Facilities and offers 

    The daycare rooms are separate from the rest of the school – the daycare even has its own playground. The youngest children are already part of the campus, but also have their own safe haven. The crèche and elementary level rooms are on the ground floor and have their own separate entrance.

    The rooms are equipped differently according to the needs of the groups that will use them. Attention is also paid to the individual needs and wishes of the children. This led to the creation of a separate nap-room for the crèche groups along with large group rooms. The elementary groups each have a fixed group room and use the restaurant and the “language bath room” as additional space. The children can use this as room to retreat or they receive specific language support.

    All meals – including breakfast, lunch, and snacks – are taken in the restaurant.  

    During the preschool year, we prepare the children gently for everyday school life. Regular sport offers as well as working on the SmartBoard are part of this process. After the preschool day children can take part in various activities as part of the afternoon club programme eg circus, art, ball school, football, and ballet.

    Our programme includes care for 6 to 11 hours between 7am and 6pm covered by the Hamburg Kita voucher. 

    Jenny Brandt und Kathrin Lehnardt
    Day care centre management team