Bilingual Nursery „PhorMinis“ Hamburg | Phorms Hamburg

    Welcome to the German-English Nursery of the Phorms Campus Hamburg.

    Our Campus: Three Departments Under One Roof

    Our bilingual Phorms Campus in Hamburg includes a daycare centre with a nursery, a primary school and a secondary school. We accompany our pupils as they develop from toddlers to completing their final secondary school exams. We emphasise bilingual education in German and English from the very beginning, whereby both languages have the same value and the children are taught by trained native-speaker teachers using the immersion method.

    Phorms daycare – from the crib to the nursery

    From summer 2017, our children’s daycare centre will offer spaces for 80-85 children in crèche & elementary level as well as 60 preschool children. Starting in mixed-age groups, the young children are introduced to bilingual language use in a playful manner. In the Reception Class they work with children of the same age as they prepare to transition into primary school.

    The children are part of the Phorms family from the very beginning and are cared for in a familiar and personal atmosphere. Immersive bilingual language acquisition is a cornerstone of our concept, which builds upon the Hamburg Educational Recommendations and content taken from the 'Early years foundation stage’ curriculum used in the UK.

    Communication with the children’s parents also plays a key role in this: provision of regular informational events and development reviews as well as parents' evenings allow us to actively exchange ideas with one another.

    Facilities and activities

    The daycare centre is completely separate from the school and even has its own outdoor area. This means that our youngest pupils are integrated in the campus early on, but also have their own safe haven away from the rest of the school. Pupils can use the various experience rooms and learning stations to experiment independently and try out the different materials available.

    During the preschool year, we gently prepare the children for the daily routine of primary school. This process is accompanied by regular sports activities and work with the Smart Board. After the preschool programme, children are able to take part in various clubs and activities in the afternoon, including circus skills, art, ball games, football and ballet.

    We offer supervision for 6 – 11 hours within a timeframe of 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., which is covered by the Hamburg daycare voucher system.

    Nicole Häusler and Kathrin Lehnardt
    Leadership team nursery