Bilingual Nursery "PHORMiniS" Hamburg

Welcome To Our English-German Nursery At The Phorms Campus Hamburg.

Our Campus: Three Facilities Under One Roof

At our bilingual Phorms Campus Hamburg, we accompany our students in their development from infancy through to the senior high school leaving exams (the Abitur). 
From the very beginning, we focus on bilingual education in German and English, with both languages having equal status and the children being taught by native-speaking education specialists using the immersion method.

Find out more about our Nursery and Reception in our video.

The Phorms Nursery: From Crèche to Preschool

Our day care centre offers space for 80-85 nursery and elementary children as well as 60 children of preschool age. In age-homogeneous groups, the children are introduced to bilingualism in a playful way in the crèche (1 – 3 years) and in the elementary area (3 – 5 years). 

During the preschool year (5 – 6 years) we prepare the children gently for everyday school life. Regular sports activities or working on the smart board accompany this process. After the preschool programme, various club activities are available in the afternoon, such as circus, art, football or ballet.

Communication with parents plays an important role: information is given regularly and development meetings, as well as parents' evenings, allow for a lively exchange of ideas. 

Our offer includes care for 6 to 11 hours during our opening hours from 7:00am – 6:00pm in combination with the Hamburg day care voucher (Kita-Gutschein)

We look forward to welcoming you at PHORMinis.

Julia Uhlig and Susann Borchert
Nursery Management Team