Friends' Association

The Friends’ Association of the Phorms Schools in Hamburg (Förderverein der Phorms Schulen Hamburg e.V.) was founded in 2008 as a recognised non-profit association. The Association helps the school in various projects and thus assumes joint responsibility for the education of all children.

Funds are raised through events, activities, membership fees, and donations to support the school and all its students. It’s also possible, for example, for a company to support a student who delivers academically excellent results by taking over paying their school fees. 

But not only financial contributions are important for the work of the Friends’ Association, the help of its members plays an important role. Volunteers from among the parents, the teaching staff, and people who feel connected to the school support the Association through their active membership.

Become A Member

The minimum contribution is €240. If you are interested in a membership or have general questions, please contact us:
Dr. Klaus Andreas Nagel (Chairman)
Office hours: Tuesday, 15.00 to 16.00 in the school, Wendenstraße 35-43
Phone: 040 45 76 88
Photo: School start 6706