Satisfaction With Phorms

Every year the parents of children enrolled in our nursery are given the opportunity to participate in our online parent survey.

The questions cover different areas of the nursery and reception such as the atmosphere, resources and the activities offered.

91% of our parents agree: ‘My child enjoys attending the nursery (reception).’

84% of our parents appreciate the welcoming atmosphere of our nursery.

84% of our parents confirm that they can easily get in touch with their child’s educators.

We are glad that our parents confirm that their kids feel comfortable in our nursery and enjoy the daily activities. The parents rate the welcoming atmosphere in our PHORMiniS nursery and reception particularly highly. It is important to us that the nursery is not only a place to learn and develop for the kids but also provides a caring and stimulating environment for our youngest kids.

The majority of parents with children at our day care centre praise the good contact with the pedagogical staff, who accompany our little ones through the day with professionalism and motivation. This is very important to us, because we select our staff carefully and regard professional and pedagogical competence as being essential for all staff.