Our Team

Julia Uhlig, Head of Nursery

Julia Uhlig has been part of the PhorMinis since 2016 and is head of the nursery since July 2023. After completing a federal voluntary service with the PhorMinis, she took the path of dual studies in Hamburg. Through a bachelor's degree in social pedagogy and management, she achieved state recognition as a social pedagogue. Afterwards, she was able to gain extensive experience within all age groups of the nursery before further developing her administrative skills as a coordinator. By specialising in English during her A-levels, she can confidently implement her new task.

Susann Borchert, Deputy Head of Nursery

The childhood educator was born in the region of Mecklenburg and has been with the PhorMinis since they were set up in 2012. Until July 2019, she worked as a pedagogical assistant in the elementary and crèche groups before she became a member of the leadership team in August 2019.