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FAQs to Bus Service

We offer a school bus service around the Alster for school children from the first grade. 

Does the bus service operate throughout the year?

No, it only operates on school days, there will be no bus service during the school holidays. Please check our school calendar for holiday dates.

What is the procedure to get on the bus?

Please sign in your child with the bus driver in the morning. The driver will fill in a daily attendance sheet and check whether all expected children are getting on the bus at each stop.

Which rules apply during the bus ride?

Each child will have an assigned seat. Upon entry the child will go to this seat by itself and fasten the seat belt. During the ride all children remain seated with their seat belts fastened.

Will a pedagogue join the bus?

During the first 4 weeks the bus rides will be accompanied by assistants helping the children to get accustomed to the daily routines on the bus. After this period there will be no adults accompanying the children on their ride to school.

Can parents join their children on the bus?

In exceptional cases and under the condition that seats are available parents can join the bus on individual days after prior notice to the school.

A child gets sick during the ride.

Before the first ride the children will receive instructions about what to do if they or their neighbour gets sick. Every seat will have a bag they can use in this case. Children who suffer from chronic nausea on the bus will not be able to take the bus

My child is sick or cannot take the bus for other reasons.

Please inform the bus driver on a bus number which you will receive beforehand until 7.30 am. If you can already tell in the morning that your child is not well, please give notice that your child won’t join for the day

Will the children be expected by a pedagogue on arrival at school?

Our pedagogues will wait for the school bus so a safe arrival of the children is ensured.

We overslept and arrive a few minutes later. Will the bus wait for us?

No. At each stop the bus will wait for a few minutes to make sure the children can get on safely and calmly. The bus will leave the stop at the stipulated departure time so it can keep the schedule and arrives at school on time. Children who missed the bus will have to be taken to school by their parents.

I have been held up on the way and will not be able to pick up my child at the bus stop on time.

With the arrival of your child at the bus stop the duty of supervision will pass on from the bus driver to the parents. Please make sure to pick up your child from the bus stop you have booked. Should you be unable to pick up your child, please inform the driver or contact another family with the same stop point to arrange pick-up. The bus driver is instructed not to let children get off the bus if there is nobody at the stop to pick them up.

My child will not use the return journey for the bus on particular days of the week.

In case your child does not use the return journey bus service on a fixed day during the week please inform the school. Should your child not join at short notice please inform the bus driver on the day and as soon as possible.

May my child go home on its own from the bus stop?

Yes, if you have given prior permission on the pick-up authorization form.

How do I find out which other children are using the same bus stop and how can I contact their parents?

At the beginning of the school year we will provide a list with contact info of all the families using the same bus stop so parents can get in touch with each other.

The bus is running late. Will I be informed about this?

If the bus is delayed by up to 5 minutes due to busy traffic the parents will not be informed about it. Should the delay be considerably longer than 5 minutes the parents will be informed via the phone number which has been left with the bus company. Please make sure that the contact number is up to date.

May my child use routes or bus stops other than the ones that I have booked?

Please contact us if required.

Can other bus stops, routes or return times be set up?

In the coming school year 2012 that will not be possible for organizational reasons. However, please let us know if you have any requests, we will collect all inquiries and will revise the routes and bus stops next spring if necessary.

Can I purchase a day ticket?

Only if seats are available. Please contact us if required.

How can I book the bus?

Please fill in the booking form and hand it in at the school office signed by both legal guardians.

Is there a deadline to book the bus?

For every new school year, we accept bookings until the last day of the summer holidays. Bookings during the term can be accepted if seats are available.