Our campus has a school library with almost 9,000 media units in German, English, Spanish, and French.

The library is open every day, and its use is a solid part of students' schedules. In addition, students can use the library's wide range of services during their lunch break, according to their preferences.

Self-directed (free, individualized, non-hierarchical) learning takes place in our school library. Therefore, the implementation of participative activities is essential to us.

The activities that take place in our library include checking out media, learning, meeting, drawing contests, a Manga Club, or just relaxing.

Our nursery children are already given playful access to books in our library. Our students acquire the important ability to independently and safely access information from the entire range of media. Of course, they can also rely on the help of our teachers.

The librarian welcomes special literature wishes. In order to fulfill as many of them as possible, we appreciate the active support of the parents, who help us increase the selection of resources for our students.
With the cooperation of students, parents, teachers, and our librarian, we are building an "individual" learning environment for all.