Our campus has its own library to support the learning and work of students in all year groups. The collection currently holds almost 9,000 items, including textbooks and non-fiction in German, English, Spanish and French as well as reference works, fiction, electronic media, magazines and educational games for all ages.

The library is open every day, and use of the facilities is an integral part of each student’s timetable. Children can also enjoy the wide variety offered by the library as they wish during the lunch break.

Even the day care children are introduced to the books in a playful way inside the library. When they enter primary school, students start to develop key skills to draw on information from the entire collection independently and with confidence. Following an introduction on how to use the library at the beginning of the school year, they learn conventional research strategies over the course of the year, gaining access to age-appropriate literature.

Students are given both subject-specific and personal advice and support by our librarian as needed – to assist their research for a class presentation, project or homework, or in their quest to find a good book to enjoy!

Our librarian, Ulrike Beutin, is supported by one of our national volunteer service assistants.

The library team is always delighted to receive special literature requests from students. To meet as many of these requests as possible, the team is always pleased to have the active support of parents in the form of donated items and cash gifts. This allows the collection to continue developing and expanding.