Mealtimes | Phorms Hamburg

    We offer all our children a freshly prepared lunch. In the school kitchen the team of our caterer “Bio für Kids” cooks fresh food on a daily basis.

    The kitchen is completely bio certified, moreover, the ingredients come, if possible, from regional cultivation. Every day, the children have the choice between two hot meals and can serve themselves at the salad bar. In the afternoons we serve the daycare children, as well as the students, a healthy snack, so that they still have enough energy for the rest of the afternoon. Fresh water is available throughout the day. For lunch there are delicious and healthy beverage alternatives such as herbal or fruit teas.

    Usually, the menu includes fish, once a week, and poultry or organic beef, twice a week. We renounce any pork. There ist also a vegetarian alternative each day as well as a seperate course for children who are not permitted to eat certain foodstuffs for religious, ideological or health reasons.

    We place emphasis on doing things together. For this reason, the students and pedagogues have lunch together. We insist on good table manners and appropriate behaviour during mealtimes. After lunch, the children have plenty of opportunity for exercise on the playground.