School Uniform

The decisive factor for appreciating a person should not be their clothing, but who they are. We advocate having a standard school uniform. It supports the sense of community and improves the learning and social climate.

Children should be able to develop independently of their social background and fashion trends and learn that their personality does not depend on fashion and outward appearances. A school uniform need not be boring and old-fashioned. It can also leave room for individual preferences. Therefore, our school uniform can be combined with your own clothes. In order to ensure that the clothes are worn with pleasure by our students, the current collection was selected and designed by them. Our Campus Collection also meets "Fair Wear" requirements and is made of 100% organic cotton. This way, we can build a bridge between having a standard appearance, a responsible school culture and giving students the individual freedom of design.

You can order our school uniform here: ► Onlineshop Phorms