Survey of Academic Progress (KERMIT) | Phorms Hamburg

    At periodic intervals, the external and independent Institute for Educational Monitoring and Quality Development (IfBQ) in Hamburg assesses the learning development of schoolchildren in the area.

    This is done by having all students in Hamburg complete the same test. Tasks are based on educational standards at the primary level in German and mathematics as defined by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK). Students are asked to work on a combination of straightforward and difficult tasks, all of which were previously tested in an elaborate process. The sequence of questions in the test booklet has no relation to the degree of difficulty, so simple and more challenging tasks alternate. More details are available online at

    The results of the assessment support quality development at the school and give our teachers an important indication of academic strengths and areas for improvement. For individual students, the results also highlight specific areas of development.