Private Bilingual Primary School Phorms Campus Hamburg | Phorms Hamburg

    Welcome to the private German-English Primary School of the Phorms Campus Hamburg.

    Our Campus: Three Departments Under One Roof

    The bilingual primary school on the Phorms campus in Hamburg covers years 1 to 4. After completing the fourth year, the pupils go on to attend our bilingual secondary school. Both schools, along with our bilingual nursery, are located in the same building. By uniting all three institutions under one roof, we provide a stable and familiar environment in which our students are accompanied all the way through to their final examinations and, on the basis of our curriculum, are taught everything they need for a successful future.

    Curriculum and courses

    Our teaching programme is based on the Hamburg curriculum, which we are required to follow as a state-approved private school. This curriculum is supplemented with content and teaching methods from the Cambridge International Primary Programme, which was developed in 2005 for English, mathematics and science. We teach our primary school pupils language skills, self-confidence and creativity, as well as mathematics, natural sciences and media literacy on the basis of a playful approach.

    Bilingual language acquisition by means of the immersion method lies at the core of our teaching. Classes are taught by teaching teams consisting of one teacher and one teaching assistant, with half the lessons delivered in English and half in German by native speakers of each language. Pupils are exposed to both languages in different contexts, and acquire them naturally and quickly with the help of visual aids.

    Other important components of our curriculum include team and project work, the principles of logical thinking, media literacy, creativity and artistic subjects. Here, we focus on aspects that complement the course content and facilitate learning, such as school trips, experiencing natural phenomena in everyday life, our school library, confident use of smart boards, laptops and tablets, as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities. The teaching is rounded off by one-to-one study support and tailored language tuition in German or English for pupils that require it.

    Survey of academic progress

    Each year, pupils in the second and third years at Hamburg schools take part in a regional survey of academic progress. The primary school pupils at Phorms tend to perform very well in the assessment. In addition to confirmation of the quality of our teaching and justification of our pedagogical concept, the results also facilitate internal quality assurance and improvement.

    Peter Kubasch
    Head of School