Rooms and surroundings

The best of both worlds: Classroom meets cabinet

The cabinet system is a special method for teachers and students which is increasingly widely used as part of a contemporary pedagogical approach. It originates in the English-speaking regions of the world and is based on the simple principle that each subject has its own room. The students already know the concept of subject rooms such as Music, Chemistry, Biology, Physics or the sport hall. We’re now expanding this concept by giving every subject its own room. This way all classrooms will become subject rooms. Since the teachers are not only subject teachers but are also class teachers, each class has their fixed “base” in the class teacher’s classroom – this leads to a mixed concept of the classroom system and the cabinet system which creates the ideal way of learning. What’s new is that it is now the students who change rooms when the subject changes, instead of the teachers.

The new system offers a lot of advantages: it helps to create the perfect learning environment for each specific subject where all learning materials are at everyone’s disposal in sufficient quantity at all times. This way, both students and teachers have constant access to what needs to be used during lessons, be it school books, dictionaries, encyclopaedia or technical devices. This leads to a better and clearer room concept which directs students’ focus to the subject being taught.

Our students’ bilingual learning in particular benefits from the cabinet system: The designated subject-specific classrooms help students to mentally shift from one language to another when they physically move from one room to another.

Different seating concepts create diversity, increase the students’ activity by making them move from one room to another and so encourage the students to communicate with each other.

Each student has a locker in the corridors which they can access at any time and where they can store and collect their learning materials. The textbooks remain in the corresponding subject room so that the students need to carry fewer materials and the school organization will be made easier.

We will constantly evaluate the new room concept and will make improvements where necessary. We warmly welcome both questions and comments from parents and students.

Science rooms

A special highlight are the new, state-of-the-art Science rooms: On the 4th floor we now have a new Chemistry and Physics laboratory and a new Biology room. They supplement the existing Science rooms on the 3rd floor where Geography, Nature and Technology are taught. This means that on over 300 m2 students will learn, experiment, and research every day.

Room For Sport And Exercise

Sport lessons take place in a nearby sport hall. Even though it is a short distance, it is still too far to walk which is why the students take our shuttle bus. A modern multifunctional sports ground was opened in summer 2018. Our students take swimming classes in the nearby indoor pool which is, with its 50m lanes and two pools for learning swimming, the ideal place for swimming lessons.