Careers Guidance | Phorms Hamburg

    The school aims to prepare students for life – and this includes the world of work. Under the umbrella term of careers guidance and study advice, we offer our students different ways to develop a basic understanding of the world of work.

    In lessons and in project work they learn about economic relationships and develop a feeling for the national labour market. We also explore aspects of the global world of work.

    As early as in year 5, we encourage our students to take part in Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day – an opportunity to get a taste of different careers. Visits to various companies allow students to gain some initial insight into the world of work and a wide range of industries. These excursions are prepared and analysed in class.

    In years 9 and 10, students complete three weeks of work experience. This is divided into two parts at Phorms: students in year 9 are free to choose an area of work and occupation, while in year 10 they are required to complete an internship in the social-care sector. Each work experience placement is scheduled for just before the school holidays. This allows young people to extend the relatively short time away from school into the break and make the most of the opportunity.

    This practical experience in the worlds of business and social care are intended to complement career guidance sessions and facilitate the transition from school to the professional world. Workplace activities, company tours, observations and discussions provide students with an insight into business relationships and professional requirements. They also learn how to look at work from a business and social perspective.

    Students normally decide on their own work experience placement but are also welcome to draw on support from the school if needed. Work experience placements are prepared for beforehand and analysed afterwards in class, and are concluded with an obligatory placement report.