Vocational Orientation And Qualification

Independent learning requires good self-organisation and is an important prerequisite for success at school.

Our students can obtain a fully recognized "certificate of general qualification for university entrance" from us, the curriculum of which is based on the Hamburg educational plan for the eight-level grammar school. Our school prepares children for life - also for working life. Therefore, our students learn the economic interrelationships of a globalized working world in class and in project work and develop a feeling for the job market. From grade 5 onwards, we encourage our students to take an active part in Girls' and Boys' Day (Future Day). These excursions are both prepared for and followed up on in class. 

In the 9th and 10th grades, our students complete a three-week internship. As a rule, the students look for an internship place themselves, but the school will support them with this if necessary. The internships are scheduled around the school holidays. This gives students the opportunity to extend the internship period into the holidays if they want and to benefit from it in the best possible way. These practical placements are intended to support career orientation and facilitate the transition from school to the world of work.

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