School Trips | Phorms Hamburg

    At regular intervals, our students go on class trips with their teachers.

    As a rule, the children travel for several days every 2 years in a row. The new secondary school students in grade 5 set off for a school country home week, which strengthens the new class community and offers extracurricular learning locations for various subjects such as geography, nature and technology and other areas. In year 7 there will be a sports trip (e.g. for skiing, sailing or surfing) on the programme, which offers pupils the opportunity to gain new sporting experience in class.

    In year 9, students travel to Berlin to visit the capital. Here the students also meet peers of the Berlin Phorms schools. The focus is on the eventful history of Berlin and the political life of the capital. For the students of the upper school, an international study trip to English-speaking countries is planned for year 11.