Senior Secondary

In the G8 mode, year 10 in the secondary school is also the "introductory phase" for senior high school. The term "senior high school" is commonly used to refer to the "study stage" of the secondary school when referring to the 11th and final 12th year.

In 2020, 2021 and 2022 our students will take their school leaving examinations according to the regulations stipulated under the External Examination Regulations (External Examination Regulations - ExPO - of 25 April 2012) and will obtain their certificate of general university entrance qualification by passing four written and four oral examinations.
For preparation, students can choose between 7 modules (subject combinations).
Starting with the 2023 Abitur examination, our students will take their leaving examinations according to the provisions of the general examination regulations (APO-AH). They can choose between three different specialisations ("profile areas"):

1. “Worldwide Connections – Global Communication”
(Linguistic/literary/artistic profile)
2) “The living world of today – climate and sustainable management”
(Social science profile)
3) “Science in the face of global crises and challenges”
(Mathematical and scientific profile)
A broad range of subjects are available in the various fields of activity for these focal points:

Consideration of the "task fields"