Upper Secondary

At our Phorms Secondary School, we live and practice our bilingual concept up to the Abitur: Various subjects may be offered in English and examined in the Abitur (English-language subject teaching).

The bilingual courses offered in the Upper Secondary provide our graduates with excellent preparation for their studies and careers in Germany and in an international context.

During Year 10, students can choose between three profiles for our state-recognized Upper Secondary:

  1. Globally Connected – Global Communication (Language, Literature and Arts Profile).
  2. Global Crises and Sustainability (Social Science Profile)
  3. Global Challenges (Mathematics and Natural Science Profile)

In addition to the mandatory core subjects (Mathematics, German, English, or another foreign language) and the selected profile-defining and profile-accompanying subjects, students have further options to choose from: They select subjects from the three study areas (1. Languages, Literature and Arts, 2. Social Sciences, 3. Mathematics and Natural Sciences) and individually cover the course requirements of the Education and Examination Regulations. Furthermore, students choose which two of the three core subjects they want to take at an advanced level.

The Seminar offers all students deep insights into scientific working methods, a personalized study and career orientation, and opportunities to plan, execute, and evaluate their own projects. For this purpose, the Seminar regularly cooperates with external partners and institutions.

The timetable in the Study Level is summarized as follows:

Total minimum 34 hours per week
Core subjects Mathematics, German, English/other foreign language (each 4 hours per week) 12 hours per week
Profile-defining subjects and Profile-accompanying subjects 8 to 12 hours per week
Seminar 2 hours per week
Philosophy 2 hours per week
Sport 2 hours per week
Other mandatory and optional subjects from the three areas (1. Languages, Literature and Arts, 2. Social Sciences, 3. Mathematics and Natural Sciences) 4 to 8 hours per week

According to the Education and Examination regulations, students must take a total of at least 34 hours per week. By the end of the Upper Secondary, they contribute 32 to 40 single term unit credits toward their overall Abitur grade.