Instruction in the Junior Secondary School

The educational goal of instruction in the junior secondary school, and thus the guideline for our timetable, is to provide students with a classic general secondary school education.

The following focal points can be found here:

  • Foreign languages:


  • Natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)
  •  Social sciences (geography, history, PGW – politics/society/economy)

The special challenge of Phorms Education’s bilingual secondary school is that our students from year 5 onwards are taught in two equally important languages of instruction: German and English. Which subjects this involves is determined from school year to school year. We make sure that the languages of instruction from Years 5 to 10 are used in a ratio of approximately 40 (English) / 60 (German).
At the end of the junior secondary school, our students are fully prepared for the requirements of academic senior secondary school.