Survey of Academic Progress | Phorms Hamburg

    The KERMIT skills assessment (‘Kompetenzen Ermitteln’) refers to the regular learning development review by the IfBQ that takes places in all Hamburg schools. At secondary level this happens in grade 5, 7, 8 and 9.

    The tasks in the assessment do not test specific areas of teaching in class. Whatever the subject, they assess at a higher level which skills students have already acquired in certain areas and provide valuable information about additional areas of development. With respect to English, our core area of specialisation, we are well above average and lead the way by a significant margin compared to other secondary schools in Hamburg.

    The results of our current grade 5 and 7 students show above-average performances in all tested areas. Not only the results in English are outstanding but also their performances in math, German and natural sciences are far above the Hamburg average. Therefore, the students, who have previously attended the Phorms primary school, enter secondary school from an excellent outset. Please find a detailed overview of the results here (in German only). Please find the detailed overview of the results of the fifth and seventh grade under "Materials" in de download area of this page.

    Congratulations to our grade 5 and 7 students for those excellent results.