The radio club of year 5 presents its monthly podcasts covering various topics. Enjoy listening.

    January 2018

    This month, the Phorms radio club is dealing with music as the main topic.

    We did field work at S-Bahn station Hammerbrook. The second part of the play "The Transformation" by Franz Kafka features Greta playing the violin (played by our guest musician Ilja). We conduct an exclusive interview with Ms. Charlotte and discuss what music is about.

    Guests: Ilja, Valeria and Ms. Charlotte.

    The podcast is available via Soundcloud: Podcast Music

    December 2017

    The Phorms radio club today is looking at the topic of feeling strange in a new country. The podcast is presented by Katharina, Laura, Matteo, Sara and Shubashree. Their guests are: Marios (year 8 at Phorms) and Mr. Ferdy (music teacher at Phorms).

    You will hear a discussion about feeling strange, a radio play based on "The Transformation" by Franz Kafka, two interviews and the Phorms news.