Bilingual Secondary School Phorms Campus Hamburg

Welcome to the private, nationally-recognised secondary school at the English-German Phorms Campus Hamburg! Learning together and growing together in a small community which is characterised by its internationality - this is exactly what characterises the Phorms secondary school.

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Bilingual Education

We work in the British-American "cabinet system", i.e. students change rooms for each subject and enter a subject-related world where they adapt to the language of instruction given by the teacher. This is characteristic of our immersive approach: two equal languages of instruction - English and German as quasi native languages. Spanish and/or French are added later. In addition, many of our children and young adults bring at least one other language with them from home. "Bi-linguality" is therefore rather understated: we live "multi-linguality" - in the corridors, in the classrooms, with the students and with the teachers.


We teach grades 5 to 12 and, as a state-recognised secondary school, we carry out the central written examination in grade 10 like all other schools in Hamburg. This is the first building block for transfer to the senior secondary school. In the summer of 2020, we will celebrate a milestone in our school history: Our oldest students will be the first at the Hamburg campus to take the Hamburg school leaving examination (the Abitur) and will acquire the fully-recognised "Certificate of General Aptitude for University Studies".

Special Offers

In addition to the Hamburg curriculum, modified contents of the Cambridge curriculum are also taught, because English is, as mentioned above, a language of instruction and not a foreign language. We offer preparatory courses for Cambridge language exams (C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency) to our senior high school students (from grade 10) and we can report that the results so far have been very good. 
"Homework" is given in careful doses and can be done either at home or at school under teacher supervision. Alternatively, our students can also participate in project groups (AGs) of their own choice during homework time. These workshops are offered by the school's teachers and can be chosen every six months. There is something for every taste: ecological "Vertical Gardening", sporty Neurobic®, "Magic Maths", "School Band", "Researcher AG", "Photo AG" or "Hip-Hop". – The choice is yours!
We are happy when school is fun!

Joachim Hess & Anne Röhner
Your contact people in the secondary school