Satisfaction with Phorms

Every year the parents of children enrolled in our secondary school have the opportunity to participate in our online parent survey.

The questions cover different areas of the secondary school such as the atmosphere, the educational content and the school equipment.

81% of our parents agree: ‘My child enjoys attending school.’

81% of our parents are very satisfied with the bilingual approach to learning a new language.

81% of our parents confirm that they can easily get in touch with their child’s teachers

A majority of our secondary school students’ parents confirm that their child enjoys attending school.

The parents particularly value the bilingual approach using the immersive method to learn a new language. On a daily basis, our native English and German speaking teaching staff integrate language into their classes and daily school routines to allow for intuitive learning.

The parents appreciate that they can easily get in touch with their child’s teachers. This is a very important point for as good communication provides the basis for a trustful relationship between parents and pedagogues.