Federal Programme "Language day care centres - because language is the key to the world"

    We need our language in order to communicate, play and learn.

    All children want to discover the world and learn from the start. For that they need equal opportunities. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Young Persons is making a total of 400 million euros available for the “Language day care centres” programme. Beginning of 2018 the PHORMiniS received a confirmation of participation. This means for us, more support as part of an additional half-time specialist job vacancies and one specialist counselling provided from the “Paritätischen Wohlfahrtsverband”. 

    What is a “Language day care centre”?

    The “Language day care centres" attach a great deal of importance to language education in the day-to-day life of the day care group. All children in day care benefit from this and continue to develop their language skills. At the PHORMiniS we have an additional specialist for language education.

    What does the specialist for language education do?

    The specialist advises, assists and supports the day care team in the following areas:

    • Language education work that is an integral part of the day
    • Inclusive education
    • Working with families