Tuition Fees Nursery


Tuition FeeNot applicable (only from grade 1 on)
Lunch & Afternoon SnackCovered by voucher ("Kita-Gutschein der Stadt Hamburg")

Reception class 9am-3pm (covered by voucher)

6 hours = max. €115*
Holiday Care Covered by voucher
Material CostsNot applicable (only from grade 1 on)
Friends' Association (voluntary membership)Kindergarten: Flat-rate of €112
Reception: Membership contribution of 0.31% of your family's income

*Calculate your individual parents’ contribution (German): Hamburg Service Kita Information System

We offer a daycare centre for toddlers, children of elemenatry level as well as pre-schoolers who require between six and twelve hours of care a day. Please contact us directly for more specific availability.



As an independently-run nursery, the PHORMiniS nursery is included in the state’s framework agreement for day care and the Hamburg nursery voucher (Kita-Gutschein) scheme. As part of the nursery voucher scheme, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg assumes the bulk of the childcare costs, while parents pay a share as stipulated by the authorities. This takes into consideration the number of hours of care your child receives, your household income and how many family members you have. If several children are in fee-based care, a sibling discount is given.

The costs for lunch and any vacation programmes are already covered by the nursery voucher scheme. From August 1st 2014 onwards the costs for 5 hours of day care will be borne by the City of Hamburg and the parents will only have to contribute to any day care for their child which exceeds 5 hours per day.

You can apply for a nursery voucher at the City of Hamburg.

Phorms Schulen e.V. Friends’ Association

The nursery-school relies on financial support from the Friends’ Association in order to hire the best teachers for our nursery and pre-school and to ensure small groups with an ideal carer-to-child ratio. Joining the Phorminis nursery-school therefore also means joining the Phorms Schulen e.V. Friends‘ Association.

The monthly membership fee for nursery-school children before starting pre-school is therefore EUR 112. Once the child has started preschool, the fee is determined by the gross income of the family and amounts to 0.31% of your family’s income the year before last in the 2023/24 school year. This fee is recalculated on a yearly basis accord-ing to the respective income, which means fluctuations in income are also taken into account. In addition, a one-time admission fee of 1% of the income the year before last is due upon entry into the reception (minus EUR 250 administration fee, due upon entry into the primary school).

If more than one child is using one of our facilities, then a sibling discount is put into effect that rises with the number of children registered. Please discuss this with us in person.

Additional offer

Additional purchase of individual hours is possible, here we charge EUR 25 per hour of childcare.

PHORMiniS Care Package

Monthly care package; consisting of all the necessary changing and grooming materials for the care of your child (nappies of the required size, wet wipes, wound ointment, etc.) Charge: EUR 17 per month

Tax deductibility

Up to two-thirds of the parent fees for the preschool can be deducted as an extraordinary expense on the income tax return. The amount may not exceed EUR 4,000 per child (§ 10 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 EStG Sonderausgaben – in the German tax law). Exempt therefrom are expenses for the teaching of special skills, as well as sporting or other leisure activities. The requirement is that the child lives in the same household as the tax payer.

Voluntary contributions to the Friends’ Association are also tax-deductible. 

Phorms does not guarantee this information’s accuracy. Please speak to your tax advisor for any additional questions in this regard.

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