Private Bilingual Secondary School Phorms Campus Hamburg | Phorms Hamburg

    Welcome to the private German-English Secondary School of the Phorms Campus Hamburg.

    Our Campus: Three Departments Under One Roof

    The independent, state-approved Phorms Hamburg bilingual secondary school was founded in 2011 and continues to grow by one year group every 12 months. The oldest year group is currently year 11.

    After nursery and primary school, the upper secondary school is the final stop on our Hamburg campus for those wishing to go on to take the ‘Abitur’ school-leaving examination. Our students then acquire a fully recognised general qualification for university entrance. The teaching programme is based on the Hamburg curriculum for secondary schools with eight year groups.

    We assist the personal development of our students with one-to-one support measures (through a low student-to-teacher ratio) and by giving them sufficient scope to develop their strengths. They are also taught to become more independent with daily phases of self-organised learning.

    Bilingual Education & Careers Guidance

    In secondary school, we continue our bilingual concept from kindergarten and primary school. Teaching is based on the immersion method, with classes taught in either German or English by native speakers.

    Day-to-day life on the Phorms Campus is characterised by an international atmosphere. We actively foster this in the secondary school by nurturing and enhancing the contacts established in primary school. Two further languages are added to the student’s foreign language repertoire during their education.
    The students, who are already proficient in German and English on starting secondary school, begin Spanish lessons in year 5 and French lessons in year 8. Similarly, scientific subjects are introduced successively: the students are taught nature and technology as a combined subject during the observation stage, with biology and physics added to the curriculum in year 7 and chemistry in year 8. The timetable also includes geography, history, politics and economics, art, music, theatre and sport.
    Outside the classroom, careers guidance is provided in various forms, such as the Future Day and internships at secondary level I, during which our students not only develop a thorough understanding of different economic and social contexts but are also able to identify and build on their initial personal preferences for their future career. We actively support the preparation and follow-up measures for these hands-on experiences.


    As at all Hamburg secondary schools, a class test (in the subjects German, Mathematics and English) as well as an oral examination in at least two of the subjects mentioned (including English) are used in the 10th grade of our secondary school to determine whether the requirements of the educational plans have been met. Students who pass this examination are transferred to the study level and have at the same time obtained the MSA (the intermediate school-leaving certificate) through this transfer.

    This is followed by two years of the upper secondary level (grades 11 and 12), which is completed with the Abitur examination (general qualification for university entrance).

    School Development

    Our relatively new secondary school is constantly evolving. The current focus is on preparation of the sixth form, which has been state-approved and was established on campus at the beginning of the 2018/19 school year. The Parents’ Council is actively involved in this development. In addition to these major projects, the teaching team’s day-to-day work involves continuous improvement of the quality of teaching and school life in order to offer our students a modern education adapted to social requirements and which enables them to study and work worldwide in a globalised world.

    Peter Kubasch

    Head of School